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The UTS Online MBA is designed to develop innovative, ethical, and agile business leaders. It prepares students with commercial understanding and business acumen.

Provider: UTS Online
Campus Location: Online
UTS Online is based in Sydney, Australia
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Gain skills to ethically innovate and drive sustainable future practices. The program is flexible, allowing students to study part-time. Customise your degree with specialisations or elective options in your areas of interest.

The course consists of 12 subjects delivered in 7-week study blocks, making it adaptable to personal and professional schedules. Intakes are offered multiple times a year, ensuring continuous accessibility. Core subjects cover fundamental business areas, while electives allow for deeper dives into specific interests.

Graduates of the UTS Online MBA can expect to gain advanced leadership skills, a strong ethical foundation, and practical knowledge. The program emphasises sustainability, technology, and cultural sensitivity. Students are ready to be managers and apply these principles as responsible leaders.


The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a leading institution known for its strong focus on innovation and technology. Accredited by the AACSB, UTS Business School offers a globally recognised education that combines academic excellence with industry engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Flexible, 100% online study mode suitable for working professionals.
  • Accredited by AACSB, ensuring high-quality education standards.
  • Specialisations available in various fields, or customise with elective units.
  • Strong emphasis on ethical decision-making and sustainability.
  • Entry requires academic excellence or extensive work experience.

Course Structure

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The UTS Online MBA comprises 12 subjects, divided into eight core subjects and four electives. Core subjects are:

  • Leading People and Change
  • Marketing in the Age of Technology
  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Managerial Economics
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Financial Fundamentals
  • Governance and Sustainability
  • Strategy and Negotiation (capstone)

Students can choose electives from specialisation pathways such as business analytics, digital marketing, health, organisation learning, and technology management. Alternatively, you can opt for the ‘Flex’ stream to mix and match subjects relevant to your interests.

The program is structured into 7-week study blocks, allowing for intensive focus on each subject. This flexible format supports continuous learning and timely completion. Intakes are available in January, March, May, July, August, and October.

Why This Degree Is Good

The UTS Online MBA is ideal for future-focused leaders who are passionate about ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices. It is relevant to any industry, including communications, marketing, IT, engineering, and healthcare. This diversity enriches the learning experience and expands networking opportunities.

The program’s flexibility allows students to balance their studies with personal and professional commitments. You can start at multiple intakes throughout the year and progress at your own pace. It can fit into most weeky schedules.

The skills and knowledge gained can be directly applied to real-world business challenges, making graduates valuable assets in their fields. The emphasis on practical, ethical, and sustainable business practices make you well-prepared to lead in the modern business environment.

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Analysis from Lerna Courses


Lerna Courses, a trusted source for educational guidance, highlights the flexibility and practical benefits of this program for working professionals. They emphasise that you can study on your terms with the UTS Online flexible MBA.

The program offers specialisations in Digital Marketing, Health, Organisational Learning, Business Analytics, and Technology Management. Additionally, you can ‘mix and match’ electives through the Flex Stream, providing convenience and immediate value to your career and organisation.

UTS (University of Technology Sydney) is highly regarded for its business education, both nationally and internationally. The UTS Business School is AACSB accredited, a distinction held by less than five percent of business schools worldwide. It is ranked among the top institutions for fields like Accounting & Finance and Economics & Econometrics. According to Lerna Courses, the UTS Online MBA offers exceptional flexibility and multiple specialisations to prepare leaders for innovation and excellence.

Lerna Courses helps students find the best online courses by providing in-depth analysis and guidance. They recognise the UTS Online MBA as a robust program that allows integration of high-value learning into busy schedules.

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