MBA Cost in Australia

The guide to MBA costs in Australia from Lerna Courses is a detailed account of the fees for obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree. It compares the tuition fees for international and domestic students, highlighting variations between different business schools.

Title: How Much Does an MBA Cost in Australia?
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The analysis includes data from popular institutions and summarises the median and average costs for on-campus and online MBA programs.

The purpose is to inform prospective MBA students about the financial investment required, helping them make informed decisions. It also discusses the potential return on investment. An MBA can significantly impact career trajectories and salary expectations.


Lerna Courses is dedicated to helping students find the best online courses. They analyse careers and learning options, working with universities to ensure a smooth and rewarding educational journey.

Founded by Dr Andrew Lancaster, Lerna Courses aims to provide trustworthy educational advice to support informed decision-making for online and flexible learning.

Key Takeaways

  1. MBA costs in Australia vary, with fees ranging from $30,000 to over $100,000.
  2. International students typically pay less, with a median fee of $47,100.
  3. Domestic students’ fees range from $53,820 to $106,650, with a median of $58,200.
  4. Online MBA programs are generally cheaper, with fees between $36,960 and $59,832.
  5. An MBA can enhance career prospects and potentially lead to higher salaries.

MBA Prices by Category

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MBA fees in Australia differ based on the student’s status and the mode of study. For international students, costs range from $30,000 to $54,480, with a median fee of $47,100. These students often select institutions with lower fee structures, such as Holmes Institute and Torrens University Australia.

Domestic students typically pay more, with fees ranging from $53,820 to $106,650. The median fee for Australian students is $58,200, represented by Deakin University. This higher cost is reflective of the premium placed on local qualifications and the support provided to Australian students.

Online MBA programs are generally more affordable, with fees between $36,960 and $59,832. The median cost is $51,000, as seen with UTS Online. Online study offers significant savings, not only in tuition but also by allowing students to maintain employment. This flexibility makes online MBAs an attractive option for working professionals.

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  1. Good breakdown on MBA costs. I’m thinking about studying in Australia, and this was helpful. Didn’t realise the fee difference between domestic and international students was so huge – depends a lot on which uni you choose. Living costs are also important.

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