UTS Online – Master of Business Administration

The UTS Online MBA is designed to develop innovative and agile business leaders. It prepares students with business and management skills.

MBA Cost in Australia

MBA costs in Australia vary, with fees ranging from $30k to over $100k. International students often pay less by choosing cheaper options.

What Is an MBA Degree in Australia?

In Australia, an MBA degree is similar to other masters qualifications. Students typically complete the equivalent of 12 university subjects.

MBA Meaning: What Does “MBA” Stand For?

Meaning of the term MBA, the abbreviation for Master of Business Administration. MBA is common due to the popularity of the degree program.

MBA Rankings Australia

Let’s look at how MBA programs compare across Australia. MBA rankings are imperfect but show aspects of program performance and reputation.

What Do You Learn in an MBA Program?

An MBA program gives you the opportunity to learn both soft and hard skills. As well, you gain new perspectives on how to approach tasks such as leading, marketing, managing…

MBA Salary Statistics for Australia

The average salary of an MBA graduate in Australia is high: upwards of $135,000 AUD. But, to be honest, stats around MBA salaries are unreliable as a guide to degree…

Why Get an MBA Online? Benefits and Advantages

An advanced degree such as an MBA can help you rise up the professional ranks. Apart from the advantage of having the qualification when you apply for a job, you…

5 Popular MBA Concentrations

In going for a Master of Business Administration, you should pick a concentration. An MBA is about more than just management and leadership.

MBA Origins and Purpose

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the leading degree around the world for managers. Anyone aspiring to senior positions within an organization might want to consider going for an…